Add even more value to your listings with our engaging property walk through style videos that easily catch any viewer attention and invite to explore listing in depth.

Professional walk through style property video tour is the best way to catch viewer’s attention throughout social media campaigns and advertising. It is HD video around 2-3 minute length with licensed music, filmed with advanced camera set up on motorized gimbal to provide most cinematic look and smooth experience to quickly engage viewers and invite them to explore property listing in depth.

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receive more inquiries from listings that have videos

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of viewers expect to see video of the listed property

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sellers would contact agent that use video in the listing

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increasing viewer understanding about the property layout

Property Video TOUR Benefits

  • it is the best solution when it comes to marketing property online or running paid advertising, as it will have much greater reach and engagement;
  • it is eye-catching and more beautifully captured , can tell the story and be narrated, include custom text, call-outs and personal branding assets;
  • watching video doesn’t require any input from the viewer, as a result it is most user friendly marketing asset and has greatest reach;
  • video can be played right where the viewer is – it plays directly within his newsfeed or timeline – no need to be redirected to other website;
  • social media companies (like Facebook) always prioritize the engagement on their own platform’s native content – such as video;
  • property video packs a double whammy benefit for real estate agents: there is the opportunity to not only advertise a property itself really effectively, but also an agent’s own brand as well by facilitating on-screen appearance, personality, nuance and branding.

Property video tours starting ONLY at $299


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