Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


If the Client utilizes any of the services of Visualizeit, they are bound to the Terms and Conditions as outlined herein. It is the responsibility of the Client to assume that a Terms and Conditions exists, and that it should be read and understood prior to utilizing the Visualizeit services. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice so we recommend you review them regularly.


Visualizeit retains all rights to delivered material including but not limited to Matterport/iGuide 3D tours, snapshots, schematic floor plans, photos or videos supplied to the Client. All delivered material produced for the Client is licensed, not sold, and may be used by the Client for all marketing purposes associated with the property in accordance with the current Canadian Copyright Law Bill C11. A Client who orders Matterport 3D Tour, in addition to the Visualizeit Terms and Conditions, is subject to the Matterport Terms of Service. By allowing us to publish your 3D tour imagery to Google Street View you indicate your acceptance of Google’s Maps Photo & Video Policy. Client acknowledges that Visualizeit may use or distribute produced Matterport/iGuide 3D tours, snapshots, schematic floor plans, photos or videos for its own marketing purposes.


Unless otherwise agreed upon, the Client shall make full payment after the production, and before all files will be delivered. Invoice will be emailed to the Client next business day and payment can be made by e-Transfer, credit card or bank payment. Grant of deliverable is conditioned upon receipt of payment in full. After 30 days, interest will be charged on past due balances at a rate of 2% a month, commencing from the service date until the invoice has been paid in full. In the event that Client fails to pay any amount when due Visualizeit will have the right to suspend providing the services to Client until such overdue amount is received.

Cancellation / Rescheduling

There is no charge for cancellation/rescheduling with more than 18 hours notice prior to scheduled time. Appointments that are cancelled with less than 18 hours notice are subject to $50 cancellation fee. On site cancellations are subject to a $100 cancellation fee plus any travel fee (if applies). 

Area preparation

Quality professional photography is one of the most important keys to selling your property. The effort that you put into preparing your home for the photo shoot will help sell your property. The more presentable the property is, the better the photos will be. For your convenience we have created a PROPERTY PREPARATION CHECKLIST

*Matterport Pro2 Camera Disclaimer*

Mirrors: Please note that while we do our best to avoid capturing the Matterport 3D camera in mirrors and reflective surfaces, sometimes we cannot completely avoid it. Matterport is a proprietary reality capture system meaning that everything present in a room that can’t be hidden or moved may be seen, and due to technical limitations cannot be removed or corrected in Photoshop after the shoot.
Outdoor use: The Matterport 3D camera is designed for indoor use. Outdoor scanning in 3D is conditional to direct sunlight & weather conditions. IR and UV light interference causes errors and misalignment. Dawn, dusk, and overcast are the best conditions for outdoor 3D scanning. If a 3D scan cannot be done, 360° panoramic views will be captured instead.

Delivery / Hosting

Customer understands and agrees that all Matterport and iGuide tours are hosted solely on Matterport’s or iGuide platform and delivered to the client via web URL and embed URL. Snapshots, Schematic Floor Plans, images or video will be delivered to Client by a third-party digital repository. Matterport and iGuide Spaces are hosted on Visualizeit personal Matterport and iGuide Cloud Server, and are licensed to the Client for 6 months (Matterport) and 1 year (iGuide) starting on the delivery date unless otherwise agreed upon. Client has an option to extend hosting or host Matterport Space on his own account for an additional fee. iGuide tours can be self hosted on local storage and currently there is no fee after 1 year of included hosting. Google Street View/Business View images are hosted on the Visualizeit Google Account. All deliverables are typically available within 48 hours after the day of shoot. Delivery times are approximations based on averages. Larger projects with custom requirements will take longer to process.

Floor plans and RMS measurements

Measurements are acquired using Materport Pro 2 laser or iGuide Planix Pro cameras for the interior area which are than extrapolated to include the thickness of the exterior walls recorded with a tape measure according to RMS regulations for extrapolating exterior measurements. In order to get RMS calculations it is important to provide access to the photographer for every single room of the property. In case access is denied to some parts of the property RMS calculations will not be provided and parts of the property that are not accessible and therefore not scanned will not be included in the area calculation on the floor plan. 

Additional Fees

Travel – A travel fee may apply for properties located outside of Edmonton area: $0.50 km/travel; $0.70/km of travel after first 100km.
Parking – A parking fee may be applied to your invoice if the Visualizeit photographer incurs this expense to complete the service.

Client Representation

The Client is responsible to be present at the beginning of the shoot to approve the Visualizeit technician’s interpretation of the assignment. If the Client is not present, the technician’s interpretation shall be deemed acceptable.


The Client hereby indemnifies and holds the Visualizeit harmless against any and all liabilities, claims, and expenses, including lawyer’s fees, arising from the Client’s use of the Visualizeit work.