Matterport For Real Estate

Stand out in the marketplace, win more listings and sell homes faster with Matterport 3D Tours that are most cost-effective marketing solution.

The real estate marketplace is changing. Now more than ever, you have to show buyers and sellers how do you set yourself apart and how do you add value to your listings. In rapidly evolving landscape, how do you leverage new technology for a successful marketing campaign? 90% of home buyers right now are aged 35 and younger. These first time home buyers are used to using new technology and comfortable doing their research online prior to any agent outreach, so it is crucial to catch their attention right there by leveraging newer technology.

Show buyers and sellers how do you set yourself apart and add value to your listings by leveraging new technology for a successful marketing campaign.

Matterport 3D Space

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more likely to call about listing with Matterport 3D Tour

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of agents using Matterport 3D Tours win more listings

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Matterport Powerful Features

dollhouse view

Dollhouse View

Dollhouse view gives complete sense of space and full perspective of the property. Experience whole place from above or rotate around it.

floorplan view

Floorplan View

A top down view that provides better understanding of each floor's layout, where hallways lead to and how rooms are connected between each other.



Allows any viewer to measure objects and distances within the space. This is helpful in countless situations for both residential and commercial properties.



Give context to your space and describe features that you want to highlight as a selling point; embed text, images, videos or links for communicating.

What You Get

3D model

Matterport 3D Space

2D image

2D Snapshots


Schematic Floor Plan

360 view

360 Outside views

2D Snapshots

Real Estate package includes 30-50 wide angle MLS ready 2D Snapshots extracted from Matterport 3D model that cover main areas and most interesting features of the property. Exterior 2D snapshots are weather permitting.

Floor Plan

Real Estate package includes black and white schematic floor plan with room measurements in both metric and imperial systems. Measurements are accurate 1 to 2 % of reality. Both PDF and PNG files provided.

Property Report

Property Report file includes links and embed codes for your Matterport 3D Tour, as well as RMS area calculations of the property. For your convenience all measurements are provided both in metric and imperial systems. 

Benefits For Real Estate

Save Time / Cut Costs

More details

Provide More Details

Maximum exposure

Gives Maximum Exposure

Lead generation

Generate Leads

Build your brand

Build Your Brand

Matterport Walk Through Video Add-On

Walk through video generated from Matterport 3D Tour grabs viewer’s attention and invites them to explore listing in depth. Matterport walk through video is an extra add-on and comes for the small fee of $100.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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