Matterport for healthcare

Interactive 3D tour of your establishment accessible anytime

Give your future patients opportunity to see and understand your facility in an interactive way, allowing them to become familiar with your amenities and accommodations

Matterport 3D Tour showcase

Benefits for Healthcare industry

Patient comfort icon

Patient comfort

Increase patients comfort and put them at ease before arriving at your facility

Staff training icon

Staff Training

Help your new staff with on-boarding and training, as well as facility navigation

Less visits icon

Less tours

From maternity tours to long term stay on-boarding - all online accessible at any time

Documentation icon


Accurate measurements of the site for easy maintenance, acquiring or remodeling

Statistics for Healthcare industry

prefer to familiarize with facility before they arrive
0 %
have less anxiety and feel more confident upon arrival
0 %
agree that it helped for more educated decision
0 %

Matterport 3D Tour extras

Google Street View icon

GSV integration

Matterport 3D tour can be integrated to Google Street View for even more exposure

Floorplan icon


Black and white schematic floor plan with measurements and total area calculations

Web hosting icon

Web hosting

1 year of web hosting is included, but can be extended for longer time for a small fee

3D model icon


3D mesh file (.OBJ), colorized point cloud (.XYZ) and high-resolution floor plan image

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