Matterport vs iGuide

Detailed comparison and benefits of each

Which one is for you?


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This is where Matterport no doubt is a winner with its best-in-class Pro 2 camera that produces superior high-quality 3D capture.

Matterport has most intuitive and very easy to navigate around showcase where viewers have full control in which direction they want to go, like being there in real life.

Matterport main benefit is that it reduces number of in-person visits saving valuable time and costs both for real estate agents and home owners. 

Matterport measurements uncertainty is 1% or better under normal working conditions, what easily meets Alberta RMS standard (2%)

Matterport unique dollhouse view is a wow factor and will make your clients and potential buyers speechless. Very often these potential buyers become your future clients because of this impression.

All of our Matterport real estate packages come with 6 months of web hosting included. After, you can extend it for nominal fee of $50/6 months if needed.

This is where it is hard to compare. Generally, Matterport is more expensive, but none of the competitors provide similar true 3D experience.


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iGuide produces sufficient quality tours for real estate purposes using individually calibrated Ricoh THETA Z1 360 camera for its panoramic visuals.

iGuide tour has simple navigation thanks to an integrated floor plan that shows your current position on the floor.

iGuide main benefit that it has all in one showcase where you can display your tour, images, videos, floorplans and share it all with single link.

iGuide measurements uncertainty is 0.5% or better under normal working conditions, what easily meets Alberta RMS standard (2%)

While iGuide doesn’t have such wow factor as Matterport with its dollhouse view it still creates a strong first impression about the property and provides everything that potential buyers are looking for.

All of our iGuide real estate packages come with 1 year of web hosting included. Currently, there is no additional fee for hosting after that.

iGuide is a most cost-effective solution that provides all of the digital assets needed for successful real estate marketing.